Augmented Reality for
Reduce Changeover Time

In the context of pharmaceutical manufacturing, the "changeover" refers to the process of transitioning from the production of one product to another. This can involve changing the equipment, cleaning procedures, formulations, or any combination of these elements to ensure that the production of the new product meets the required quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Changeovers are a crucial aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing, as they allow facilities to produce different medications efficiently without cross-contamination or compromise of product quality.

Implementing AR in manufacturing changeover processes requires careful planning, integration with existing systems, and employee training. However, the potential benefits in terms of efficiency, reduced errors, and improved overall process reliability make AR a technology worth considering for pharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries undergoing frequent changeovers.

Emmeatech proposes an AR solution that helps address all critical facets of the changeover process while offering numerous benefits.


AR Solutions Benefits

MES/EBR integration & automatic batch report

Ensure accurate batch reporting in industries such as pharmaceuticals and other regulated sectors.

100% Data Integrity &
Fully Paperless

Data Consistency, Accuracy, Electronic Signatures and Approvals.

Audit trail CFR21 part 11

Integration supports compliance with CFR Part 11 and enables a robust audit trail.

AR Solutions Changeover Procedures
Up to 60% faster process execution

Systems can contribute to faster process execution by enables automated workflows.

Reduction of human errors by up to 95%

Hands-free process guidance system to let user work fast and without errors.

Increase OEE

Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a key goal for manufacturing plants.

Our AR solution is designed and developed to offer maximum support in the key aspects of pharmaceutical production changeovers:

Cleaning and Sanitization: Thorough cleaning of equipment and production areas is essential to prevent any residual traces of the previous product from contaminating the new one. This includes cleaning surfaces, piping, and any other components that come into contact with the product.

Equipment Adjustments: Depending on the differences in formulations and manufacturing processes, adjustments may be required in the production equipment. This could involve changing tooling, adjusting settings, or even swapping out specific components.
Our solution is designed to indicate to the operator the equipment changes and adjustments needed.

Validation and Documentation: Changeovers typically require validation to ensure that the transition has been successfully executed, so that the new product meets quality standards. Therefore, detailed documentation of the changeover process is crucial for regulatory compliance.
Our solution enables the creation of electronic reports on the accuracy of procedure execution, with the ability to include photographic evidence and audio notes as support, during the execution of the procedure itself.

Personnel Training: Operators involved in the changeover process need to be adequately trained to perform the transition efficiently and effectively. This includes understanding the specific requirements of each product and following standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Our solution provides valuable and concrete support for training activities by creating virtual environments with realistic simulations of the work environment and the tasks to be carried out on production lines.

Time Efficiency: Minimizing the time required for changeovers is essential to maximize production efficiency.
Our solution allows for optimizing changeover processes and significantly reducing downtime.

Regulatory Compliance: Pharmaceutical manufacturers must adhere to regulatory guidelines and standards to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of their products. Changeover procedures need to be in compliance with regulatory requiremnts.
Our solution provides an Audit Trail for all login activities, creation/modification of SOPs, and procedure execution (CFR 21 part 11 compliant).

Efficient changeover processes contribute to a flexible and responsive manufacturing environment, allowing pharmaceutical companies to meet market demands for various products. It also helps ensure product quality, compliance with regulations, and the overall efficiency of the manufacturing facility.

With our AR solutions, we create the productive environment you desire: simplicity in efficiency and results precision!

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