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Virtual tours in augmented reality (AR) for museums are revolutionizing how people interact with art and history. This technology blends real-world experience with digital elements, providing users with an engaging and interactive experience.

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Dived in a three-dimensional virtual environment, viewers can explore museum collections from unique angles and with a freedom of movement that would not be possible in real life. Through AR glasses or the screens of their devices, they can see ancient artworks come to life, discover hidden details, or even interact with the exhibited objects.

These tours also offer a new dimension to learning and education. Additional information can be seamlessly integrated into the AR experience, providing historical context, artistic analysis, or fascinating stories about each artwork. This approach makes learning more engaging and accessible to a wide range of audiences, from children to the elderly.

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Solution Benefits

Engaging Experience

With augmented reality, users can immerse themselves in interactive and engaging virtual environments, offering a richer and more stimulating experience compared to passive viewing of images or videos

Interactive Learning

VR & AR virtual tours offer active and participatory learning, allowing users to interact directly with exhibited objects, explore hidden details, and access additional information through digital annotations and audio guides

Virtual Tour con AR
Customized Experience

Users can personalize their visit itinerary by selecting objects or locations of interest, receiving additional information based on their preferences and curiosity

Technological Innovation

VR & AR virtual tours represent a technological innovation that blends the real world with the virtual, offering a unique and cutting-edge experience

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